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  • A is for Australian Animals - Frane Lessac
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    Australia is full of the most amazing animals on the planet! What animal has six thumbs? What animal produces square poo? What animal is made up of 95 per cent water and is highly venomous? Discover the answers to these questions and more in this factastic tour of Australian animals.

    A is for Australina Animals measures 26cm x 25cm.

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  • A-Z of Australian Animals - Jennifer Cossins
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    A beautifully illustrated hardback anthology of 26 of Australia's most fascinating animals from CBCA Honour Book author/illustrator Jennifer Cossins. From the award-winning creator of A-Z OF ENDANGERED ANIMALS comes a stunning non-fiction picture book for boys and girls with a love of animals and a thirst for all things encyclopaedic. This exquisite full-colour picture book is packed with interesting facts and is perfect for young conservationists and students with a keen interest in the world around us.

    On this expedition through the alphabet, you will encounter some of the Australia's rare and enchanting animals, from the gorgeous azure kingfisher and the sleepy koala, to the shy numbat and the friendly zebra finch. Come on an illustrated journey through Australia's unique wildlife with Tasmanian artist Jennifer Cossins.

    A-z of Australian Animals measures 24 x 20cm.


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  • Hello, Australia! - Megan McKean
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    Join a bunch of cheeky galahs in the latest look-and-find adventure in the Hello...! series. This time we're taking a trip around Australia to discover more about the animals, birds and plants that live here. Along the way, you'll meet some very friendly quokkas, take a ferry to Kangaroo Island, marvel at the Big Things and learn about some places that are sacred to the traditional owners of the land. From sunny Queensland to the ski fields of Victoria, there's so much to see and do around Australia.

    Megan McKean is a designer, travel writer, author & illustrator. Creating travel inspired pieces, her illustration work is characterised by the use of bright colour palettes, strong line work and surprising details hidden within each piece, encouraging the viewer to go back for another look to see what they may have missed.

    Hello, Australia! measures 29.5cm x 22cm.

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  • Honeysticks - Toddlers First Colouring Book - An Aussie Adventure
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    Honeysticks were orignally developed for a New Zealand preschool that was looking for safe and natural crayons for it’s pupils and have developed a range of fun, engaging and environmentally responsible products.

    The Toddlers First Colouring Book is the perfect companion present to Honeysticks Crayons or fantastic all on it's own! The large pages are filled with drawings of Australian animals and landmarks, ready for little ones to start scribbling in. 

    • Made in New Zealand
    • Made from 100% recycled paper
    • 40 pages
    • Environmentally sustainable and low impact production method
    • Measures 29.5m high x 23.5cm wide
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  • Koalas Eat Gumleaves - Laura Bunting
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    Koalas eat gum leaves. For breakfast, lunch and dinner, and even on their birthdays. Most koalas dont seem to mind. But one does. He is on the lookout for some tastier tucker...and he's about to make a discovery that changes everything. A tale about having too much of a good thing!

    Koalas Eat Gumleaves measures 28cm x 21cm.

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  • Kookaburras Love to Laugh - Laura Bunting
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    It is no laughing matter when you are the most serious bird in the borough. Kookaburras love to laugh. They laugh when it is sunny, or rainy, or windy. They laugh for no reason at all. When one serious kookaburra decides to flee the jokers, and goes to find a more suitable flock, he finds that perhaps he might just be in the right place after all.

    Kookaburras Love to Laugh measures 28cm x 21cm.

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  • Liarbird - Laura Bunting
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    Liarbird - Laura Bunting


    Lyrebirds learn to lie from the day they hatch. They are the best in the bush at fibbing, faking, fabricating and fake-news creating. Until one lyrebird decides to go straight, and discovers that sometimes even the truth hurts.

    Liarbird measures 28cm x 21cm.

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  • Mesmerised - Faces for Baby - Cloth Book
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    Created by Tasmanian illustrator, Katey Love, the Mesmerised range specialises in black and whole books and gifts for babies.

    From birth until nine months, an infant's eyesight is not fully developed, but they respond strongly to high-contrast images such as these. You will be amazed at just how intrigued baby is by these bold shapes and patterns - they will be truly mesmerised! Babies particularly enjoy symmetry, and respond to faces from a very early age. The simple faces in this fold-out book will entrance baby.

    • Concertina style, fold-out fabric book featuing four double-sided illustrated panels
    • This book can stand up, making ideal for tummy-time
    • 100% cotton outer with foam inside - great for grasping little fingers
    • The thick, padded pages are great for developing fingers to explore and practice turning and folding
    • Entertaining and stimulating - Mesmerised and Faces for Babies are a great distraction for little ones when travelling
    • Recommended by Paediatricians, mid-wives, mums and more!
    • Measures approximately 15cm long x 15cm high x 3 cm thick (60cm long when fully unfolded)
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  • Milestone - Baby Cards
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    Milestone - Baby Cards


    Milestone Baby Cards are a set of 30 illustrated cards marking all the big events of baby's first year. First smile, first steps, first words and 25 other unforgettable baby moments.

    Simply fill in the date and take a picture with your baby, together with the card.

    Each card measures approximately 10.5 x 15cm, and the set is provided in a neat gift box - perfect for storing all the moments that make you smile!

    • Illustrated in Melbourne by Beci Orpin
    • Made in the Netherlands
    • Printed on FSC certified paper using vegetable based inks
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  • The Baby Animal Book - Jennifer Cossins
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    An adorable and informative picture book from the CBCA shortlisted author/illustrator Jennifer Cossins, author of A-Z OF ENDANGERED ANIMALS and 101 COLLECTIVE NOUNS. 

    What do you call a baby penguin?
    Or a baby owl?
    Or a baby platypus?

    Come along on an illustrated journey through the animal kingdom with Tasmanian artist Jennifer Cossins and find out!

    The Baby Animal Book measures 24 x 20cm.

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  • Write To Me - Funny Things My Kids Say Journal
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    Kids say the funniest things. Sometimes shocking, sometimes so witty... You swear you will never forget because it is so funny and then the next day, boof, it's gone!

    A great gift for Mother's or Father's Day, this journal has been created for you to document all those quotes you never want to forget. A little journal to look back on and laugh for many years to come!

    • Linen covered hard cover
    • Gold embossed title and spine
    • Colourful endpapers
    • Measures 15cm x 15cm
    • 96 pages
    • Smooth, wood-free paper
    • Case bound and lays flat for ease of writing in
    • Designed in Melbourne
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