Ozzilla Wall Frieze, ABC Australia

Designed and Made in Australia

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This unique Australian ABC Wall Frieze is a fun and educational way to introduce the alphabet to your little Vegemites.  Kids can use it to identify letters, sound them out and match symbols with phonics. Featuring a range of curious Australian icons in a cool, graphic style.

You can display the cards in a multitude of different arrangements, from a long, narrow frieze, to a large, solid block. You can even cut them up and spell out your name, or create your own custom wall-art.

  • Each pack includes 13 letter cards (2 letters per card) plus 2 extra icons to use if you'd like to create a symmetrical layout.
  • Colour printed on thick 300 gsm card
  • Flat packaged for easy posting or packing in a suitcase
  • Easily affixes to walls with bluetack, pins or double-sided tape (not included)
  • Designed and printed in Australia

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