Onya Life, Reusable Produce Bags, Chilli, Set of 8

No need to use plastic bags for your fruit ‘n’ veg!

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Select and carry your fruit and veggies in convenient Produce Bags.

Packed in a colourful holder pouch, it is easy to carry your produce bags from the shop to your kitchen!

  • Mesh material to allow water and air to flow through
  • Available in a 5 pack and 8 pack
  • Made from recycled plastic drink bottles
  • Each bag can carry up to 2 kilos of produce
  • Features a gusset and draw string tie
  • Lightweight weighing only 10 grams per bag
  • Bags can be used as a ‘colander’ to wash, drain and dry fruit ‘n’ veg
  • Store fruit ‘n’ veg in the fridge and reduce sweating
  • Can be used when purchasing bulk produce such as nuts, grains, rice and lentils
  • Can also be used as laundry bag or a nut milk bag

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