Images d'Orient Keyring, Nassij

Never lose your keys again!

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Images D’Orient create contemporary homewares and accessories inspired by historic Mediterranean design.

This design is based on loom weaving or “Nassij”, which is considered to be among the oldest professions in history (4400B.C.); its roots come from basket making. As soon as weaving was discovered, crossing different threads created striking patterns leading to an extensive oriental trade between the Mediterranean world, China and the Indian continent through a network of roads and trails. This trade led to a blend of cultures, technologies and religions. 

The bright colours and textured finish of these keyrings makes them easy to find, even in the deepest depths of your darkest handbag!

  • Each keyring measures approximately 5cm in diameter
  • Made from flexible, soft PVC – will not ‘clink’
  • Comes on heavy-duty coloured ‘ring’ measuring 3.5cm in diameter
  • Easily washable with soap and water
  • Waterproof

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